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OEM Vietnam Premium Oud Dhoop Incense Sticks – Tue Huong Agarwood – POGIVE Vietnam Oud

Ngày đăng: 16-11-2021 09:15:38

OEM Vietnam Premium Oud Dhoop Incense Sticks – Tue Huong Agarwood – POGIVE Vietnam Oud

Our premium incense stick is made absolutely in Vietnam, free of toxic chemicals or artificial color. Dhoop incense is known to improve concentration that can help us while studying, doing meditation, enjoying tea and it also prevents infections, relieves headaches, fights depression, and reduces anxiety and tension. Dhoop incense nowadays in all shapes, any size, any length.

Product Information:

Product Name

Oud  Dhoop Incense Stick


100% Agarwood (Oud) (aquilaria crassna)

Place of origin

Hanoi, Vietnam

Brand name

Tue Huong - POGIVE





1.5 mm; 3mm; 6mm


20cm; 10cm; 10cm


Sweet, pleasant, soft sweet woody, earthly, winsome scent.


Free sample; No free ship

Depending on each requirement Tue Huong Eximport Co., Ltd can meet the requiment to make mold and produce under customer’s demands. We can be a stable supplier for you who are interested in our Vietnamese Agarwood (Oud).


Dhoop incense sticks are not used in Vietnam so nobody cares about it for a long time. Recently our customer from Kingdom of Bahrain has asked for 6mm with 10cm length and one more customer from the Sultanate of Oman asked for 3mm with 10cm length. All we also can supply.

Dhoop incense sticks are usually 6mm in thickness and drying will be very very hard work. If it is not dry enough, it will get fungus easily and you have to make it again from beginning.

Moreover, you have to follow other standards strictly: Burning 100%, dipping rate must be 35-40%, high counting, straight 100%. Also, you must care how to pack so that your customer can save time in their production.

We cares all above standards. We can do OEM brand of incense stick under your request.

Package & Delivery


Carton box outside

Min order quantity

0.5 kg


DHL or FedEx (No free ship)

Delivery time

1 week after payment

Payment method

T/T in advance

Contact us for more details


Address: 371/4 Kim Ma Street, Ngoc Khanh Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi city, Vietnam.

WhatsApp: +84977100855 (Ms Duyen)

Wesite: tuehuong-agarwood.com

Fanpage: Tue Huong Agarwood

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